Anne Azéma

The Boston Camerata

“Boston Camerata, where have you been all my life?”

The New York Times

Anne Azéma, Artistic Director

Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and early American music

The Boston Camerata is America’s preëminent early music ensemble. Founded in 1954, Camerata has been under the direction of French-born singer and scholar Anne Azéma since autumn, 2008.


Medieval programs, Solo and Duos

Anne Azéma and Shira Kammen

Songs to the Lute

Anne Azéma, voice and Nigel North, lutes

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We'll be there: American Spirituals, Black and White, 1800-1900

(6 singers & 2 musicians)

Daniel: A Medieval Masterpiece Revisited

(Narrator + 7 singers + 2 musicians + 1 dancer)

Local students, choristers, children's choir can be incorporated

A Medieval Christmas

The Boston Camerata, Anne Azéma

(3 singers + 2 musicians)

Treasures of Devotion: European Spiritual Songs 1500

(7 performers)

Dido and Aeneas

(9 performers)

Local madrigal group, advanced students, & choir can be incorporated

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All program details and availability upon request

Camila Parias, Anne Azéma, Deborah Rentz-Moore

Medieval Christmas


Camila Parias, Anne Azéma, Deborah Rentz-Moore

“America’s foremost early music ensemble” – Le Monde, Paris

“An evening of glorious musicianship and just plain fun” – The Grand Rapids (Michigan) Press

“A body of work that rivals the accomplishments of any ensemble” – The Boston Herald

“Boston Camerata, where have you been all my life?” – The New York Times

“A many-colored tapestry….exuberant and ecstatic” – The Washington Post

“Stunning” – The Morning Post, Sidney Australia

“Ravishingly beautiful” – The Dominion Post, Wellington, New Zealand

“Beautifully honed simplicity….performed with heartbreaking purity” – The Guardian, U.K.