Ensemble Dialogos

Katarina Livljanić

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One saint, three Furies and a thousand miracles

Early Medieval Polyphony from Winchester (10th - 11th c)

A cappella programme for 4 female voices

Excerpts from the premier of Swithun!

co-production with the Royaumont Foundation, 2013

Through the voice of Wulfstan the Cantor, Swithun! follows the path of a penitent man

haunted by his visionary or terrifying dreams, trying to escape from three raging Furies,

wild like wolves, and finally finding salvation from Swithun, saint of all miracles.


Heretical Angels

with Ensemble Kantaduri

rituals & popular belief in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the Middle Ages

1 female soloist

4 traditional cantors from Croatia,

1 epic singer from Bosnia

(voice, gusle, dipole, dvojnice), 2 musicians (fiddle, rebec, flutes)

Staged Program with Surtitles



a biblical history from Renaissance Croatia

Sanda Herzic, Stage director

1 female soloist singer + 2 musicians

(fiddle, lirica - flutes-dvojnice)

staged with surtitles

"It takes an eloquent artist and a patient scholar to recruit and arrange the relics

of a truly distant past in a way that creates a work capable of enthralling modern listeners.The resulting piece

is a mesmerizing and at times hauntingly beautiful work, with Livljanic's pure-toned voice at its core."

The Boston Globe - Boston Early Music Festival, 2009

"Ms. Livljanic enacted the ancient drama with splendidly pure singing in Croatian, urgent narration, a penetrating gaze and expressive hands."

The New York Times - White Light Festival, Lincoln Center, 2010


Barlaam & Josaphat

a Christianized version of the life of Buddha

1 female soloist singer + 2 musicians

(fiddle, rebec - flutes-harp)

Program with surtitles

Chamber Remix Cologne 02.09.2020

Kunststation Sankt Peter Köln


Katarina Livljanić, voice, direction

Albrecht Maurer, fiddle, rebec

Norbert Rodenkirchen, flutes, harp

Yoshi Oida, staging

Tom Schenk, video

Musical reconstruction and text adaptation:

Katarina Livljanić

Instrumental reconstructions:

Norbert Rodenkirchen & Albrecht Maurer


Simon Stockhausen, live electronics, saxophone

Chamber Remix Cologne is a concert series in Cologne, Germany that features two sets of music.

The first set features a Chamber Music ensemble and the second set shows a live remixing artist. He develops his music out of the material from the 1st. set.

the first concert part is played acoustically, while the second part is heard from loudspeakers.

In this trailer we have crossfaded both parts into each other to demonstrate the inner connection of both worlds. In real both parts where separated with a break. Dialogos and Simon Stockhausen played on different stage positions in the same church.

more information: http://chamber-remix.de

La Belle Epoque … médiévale

1 singer, 1 musician

Subtitled programme

Katarina Livljanić and Danijel Detoni perform melodies from the early 20th century that were inspired by the Middle Ages and the Gothic world. We find famous classical composers, like Debussy and Satie, who did not hesitate to draw their inspiration from the musical tradition of this time. Katarina Livljanić also performs songs of Yvette Guilbert, a famous Parisian woman from the beginning of the century, who reinterpret the songs of the trouvères and troubadours in the cabarets. Immersed in the Paris of the Belle Epoque, the public discovers the intimate and frivolous universe of this music that made the success of Parisian café-concert.


Since its foundation in 1997, Dialogos, the vocal ensemble directed and created by Katarina Livljanic, has emerged as one of the most outstanding and original medieval music ensembles of the new generation. The ensemble’s projects link new musicological research with an innovative approach to medieval music performance, a theatrical dimension, and an expressive musicality. Dialogos is composed of women’s or men’s vocal ensembles, depending on each specific project. Since its first projects Dialogos has been acclaimed by critics (in journals such as Le Monde, Le Figaro, Diapason, The New York Times...) and has toured in most European countries, in the USA, Canada, North Africa and Latin America, in all the major early music festivals (Saintes, Utrecht, Ambronay, Royal Festival Hall of London, Metropolitain Museum and Lincoln Center in New York, Cité de la Musique in Paris, Quinçena Musical de San Sebastián, Festival de Música Antigua de Barcelona, Edinburgh International Festival...),including radio and television broadcasts.

Their CDs Terra Adriatica (released on the Empreinte digitale label), Lombards & Barbares and La Vision de Tondal (released on the Arcana label), Chant Wars (a coproduction with the ensemble Sequentia, released on the Sony-BMG label) have received press distinctions in international music magazines, including Diapason d’or, Choc du Monde de la musique, Goldberg 5 stars.

Mécénat Musical Société Générale is the principal sponsor of the ensemble Dialogos. Dialogos also receives subsidies from the DRAC Ile-de-France - Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication. Dialogos is ensemble-in-residence at the Fondation Royaumont (2011-2014).